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Can one of you schizos give me the rundown on this retard
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Elon Musk, Maye Musk, and Jeff Bezos are RICH AND INFAMOUS!

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So... how many of you are aware that the elite are murdering children and disposing of their bodies in fast food?

You can't make this shit up people...


Want to learn more?
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/ceg/ Christian Esotericism General #15

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Seven Archangels edition!

Christian Esotericism is the inner and/or mystical aspect of the Christian Religion, it includes:
>Christian Gnosis (Clement of Alexandria)
>Desert Fathers Spirituality (Evagrius Ponticus)
>Catholic Contemplative Tradition (Bonaventure)
>Hesychasm (Gregory Palamas)
>Chivalry (Wolfram von Eschenbach)
>Christian Alchemy (Roger Bacon)
>Rhineland Mysticism (Meister Eckhart)
>Christian Cabala (Johannes Reuchlin)
>Paracelsianism (Paracelsus)
>Rosicrucianism (Robert Fludd)
>Christian theosophy (Jakob Böhme)
>Martinism (Louise Claude de Saint-Martin)
>Swedenborgianism (Swedenborg)
>Magical Idealism (Novalis)
>Romanticism (Baader)
>Anthroposophy (Rudolf Steiner)
>Sophiology (Sergei Bulgakov)
>Christian Hermeticism (Valentin Tomberg)
>Fourth Way (Boris Mouravieff)
>Christian Traditionalism (Jean Borella)
And much more, so let's continue to talk about it!

>Resources (WIP)
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Here's your proof

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You're welcome. Say hi!
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redpill me on mormons
i saw something kind of recently about them being the modern american equivalent to the hermetic order since elite mormons do a lot of lobbying and the religion of the inner circles is very different to what the door knockers believe.
it would make sense considering the vatican has a lot less power over america than it does europe.
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When I forget the name of something and search for it in google search as soon as I press enter I remember it. Is it quantum computing?
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Clearest image of the Vegas alien I can find.

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Discuss amongst yourselves.
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Generation Ship

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you are not on Earth you are on a generation Ship made to look like Earth where generations are raised. the origin of the Ship is not human but all humans for generations have lived on it thinking they are on Earth. Other planets = Other Ships powered by the Sun/"Satan". The MOON "God" is where they live watching us but it is not the "sphere" you see. a lot goes into making everyone think you are still on a planet when its really a vast ship. the Flat Earth Ice Wall is real and beyond that you will see the truth but not that its flat that its inside a curved ship with a fake sky. Like the Truman show but in space and for EVERYONE not just you but you are all seeded. Only some know the truth of generations ago and it travels through the real universe and the fake one you see is all just where it has been recreated inside it this ship is VAST and has everything as the Mothership.
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>took a strong toke of CBD delta 8 pen
>Meditate and ground
>Eventually start hearing backstreet boys
>Listen to backstreet boys
>Backstreet boys = 44
>Go to sleep
>Have dream about someone dying
>Later the next day at work I get a text that my aunt in unresponsive in the hospital.

Did I finally unlock my intuition? How do I do this without drugs?