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Missing 411 - unknown hominid kills

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>hike through wilderness area where several river\lake basins intersect on an elevation
>get confronted by an aggression from an aggressive unknown large creature
>abandon original plans and route
>retreat out of the forested valley area to drop aggro, go onto the elevation above the valley for better visibility on your pursuer
>initially there is no pursuit and you drop your guard, set up camp on an elevation
>get attacked at dusk or at night
>flee your camp and get picked off by an attacker\attackers
>bodies are moved post-mortem
>some are find barefoot or without shoes, soles unharmed and pristine, in a prohibitively harsh terrain
>clothes are taken off and left inside out
>shoes are taken off
>equipment is ripped off e.g. tourist backpack straps that not humanly possible to rip off
>sometimes bruises and cuts on abdomen, thighs and ankles if the clothes were removed - evidence of claws\sharp nails
>damage to face: missing eyes, tongue, gums, cheeks, the most delicate part that are a delicacy for omnivorous humans on a cow
>no scalpel marks but flesh is neatly cut out with considerable precision
>puncture wounds, on cattle close to neck, on humans in abdomen down the pelvis
>body drained of blood or a lot of blood seeping into the clothes
>despite damage to face, no scavengers approach the corpses, not even the insect
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Schizo shower thought.

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If this is a simulation, then what is? Are my thoughts simulating reality, synthesizing previous events, splicing in unconscious emotion and generating a narrative that ultimately plays out the way I think it would, because well... I thought about it that way?
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I want to become a raccoon.
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It's been a while I keep seeing 111 or 1111 frequently, like around 3-4 times a day and some times 444 but that's rare.
I've been seeing these numbers for more than a year.

I googled them plenty of times and it's always same things like it's "angels communicating with you".
But I need to know more, what does it mean ?! a code or something ?!
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Itt:hidden information so absurd that no one here would believe it

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The secret ingredient of the ambrosia consumed by the Olympic gods is the semen of hypervirile black men.
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Alex Jones: "Aliens are Satanists"

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Look at 18:45 to 22 he says some mindblowing things here:

>"These aliens are demonically possessed A.I. who live in a parallel dimension to us. God allows free will so he lets them create their own private universe. These aliens are using us as batteries and want to drown out our frequency toward god, so that we submit to them as gods instead, and join them in their own private hell."
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ummm /x/bros... what's up with the painting?
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Heaven isn’t a good thing

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Why do you want to float around in paradise forever? It would get boring after a few hundred years, never mind a trillion years. You’d forget who you are, forget all frame of reference, and just be an idiotic doll without thoughts.
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what is 5 eyes hiding

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This craft landed here in NZ 5 days ago. Any talk about it has been scrubbed. NZ is a 5 eyes country, do you think we retrieved it or the US?
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Multiple loud explosions in the morning

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I failed to catch on video as I was in total shock and in disbelief with my parents yesterday morning, we woke up to about 30 loud explosion sounds coming from outside our house and from multiple directions, the explosions were not far away at all and in some instances felt like meters away. I live in a peaceful developed neighborhood in central Europe. It was weird, nobody called the police or the fire brigade although at that point I literally expected the army to show up. And so later it got me thinking, what if this was a psyop to prepare us Europeans for all out war with Russia. I can't think of anything better that could explain the event. If it were an accident I would expect sirens and emergency responders but no one came and there was no trace of anything. It was very early in the morning and believe me it was loud to the point where it woke me up and made my mother have a panic attack. It all lasted about 4 minutes.
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