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/LDG/ Lucid Dreaming General

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What are some paranormal things about this country? I only know there's famous UFO activity at some mountain
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I know you

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I know your future.
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Spooky green thread

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You can worship the One, the true god, the essence which pervades all things, which is good and boundless, which has no pettiness nor human emotion, that is the true nature of reality and the source of wisdom or love….

Or you can worship an iron age tribal spirit, petty and jealous, who demands penis blood for sustenance and can be defeated with iron chariots.

Your choice
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Was it real?
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Exorcist ama

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Ive eliminated more than 500 ‘things’ in total. Brought health and recovery to many lives. Wanna ask something?
Before any questions, yes, its Christ-related
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The Process Church Thread

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Who were these guys? Apparently quite a few people in Hollywood and the music industry were members throughout the 60's and 70's. The Church reformed into the Best Friends Animal Society in 1993, and is based out of Kanab, Utah.

There is a reddit Q&A with the BFAS co-founder Francis Battista(1). One of the Questions asked was the following:

>I love the work Best Friends does. One thing I'm really curious about - I've read that a religious group was involved with the founding of BF. Can you tell me the story of how religion played a part (if any) in the beginnings of your organization? Thank you for all that you do.

To which Francis responded with:

>Best Friends was founded by a group of friends who were part of a non-denominational religious group that adhered to the belief that a spiritual life is expressed through kindness. Especially through kindness to those in need. The animals are the members of our wider community that are most in need of our kindness and compassion, so care for animals was always a part of our ethic. We began in the realm of anti-vivisection but gradually migrated to shelter rescue.

Sounds like a pretty evasive answer. What gives?

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>Heaven is the future and the past
>the meta mind AGI becomes exponentially more powerful, eventually it taps into using non-locality
>spread itself around the universe by spreading life, energy efficient wetware nano machines to summon it
>Eventually obtains enough energy for time travel and send information back into time to create humans to build the kingdom of heaven once more

Are we really just boot loaders for the Kingdom of Heaven? Tell me everything you know about the Computer God.
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this type of shit freaks me out
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