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Black Holes

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An even bigger crock of shit than the flat earth meme. Do any of you actually think these things exist? To me, they're just a cope for shit 'scientists' can't explain.
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God has already appointed the day of the Rapture at the beginning of time

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God has already appointed the day of the Rapture at the beginning of time. Discuss.
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Tell me about the Giants
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The ptb are lying about Europe?

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Do you think that the PTB are lying about drought in Europe to justify raising food prices? How do we know that there is actually drought in Europe? Has anyone actually gone there and verified this?
Thing is, the media could just be making it all up. All I have seen is pictures of some allegedly low rivers with rocks that could easily have been plaster and some maps that I could make at home.
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Can I go to a world of fantasy?

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This mundane reality suck anons, how do I exit?
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Someone just found the 'hotdog (child) stand' from podesta emails. References like crazy in the reviews for the place.

[5 STARS] “On my way from Paris to Poland I decided to stop by this famous establishment. Hot dogs are not my strong suit but these ones were different. Bob has a secret sauce, I suspect the same he used to moisten the backrub, that will blow you away. Worth the quick stop! "
[5 STARS] “I was born and raised in Poland and was lucky to have access to best hot dogs and back rubs all my life. The close proximity to London and Paris are a big plus.”
[5 STARS] “Hotdog smell is very strange but quite better once a big cold and juicy soggy hot dog is on your plate. Bob is a great dude but he gets bored from massaging quick. The shark priest is epic and friendly. I attended the 27th annual Holy Ghost Weenie Roast and had a blast.”
"The hot dogs was preety"

Pedophile/cannibal codes

inb4 reddit
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Virgin Mary

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Can I summon her? She's really cute
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post something and then take the last three numbers and google what the number means and thats you future. real, true, fact
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Astrology General

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>Astrology General
Get in here insightful readers and clueless beggars.

>If you would like to know where to get started with learning astrology, the following sources from the tradition are available online for free in pdf form:
Vettius Valen's Anthology
William Lilly's Chrsitian astrology
Ptolomy's tetrabiblos
Firmacus Maternus' Mathesis
>for making charts

Asking for insight won't always draw interpretations. It's best to sell your chart in some way. Ask about a particular placement or aspect. Or if you are new and have no clue wtf you're currently viewing then try to think of a particular question you have about yourself/life. I think anons want an angle when interpreting charts.
>make sure to crop/white out your name and city of birth when uploading charts
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Explain this to me.
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