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/cdf/ - Is there an agenda to increase Cosmic Death Fungus?

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This is a thread to discuss about candida and spiritual or other considerations about the growing number of this fungi.
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magick thread
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Deliberately Retarded Bible Theory

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The bible is bad and self-contradictory by design while the described deity is psychotic and evil.
It's deliberately bad so you become an atheist or satanist.
The bible and the Abrahamic religions are designed to keep you from understanding god by tricking you into believing that belief is stupid.

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Whales have flippers: all cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) and pinnipeds (seals, sea lions, walruses) have flippers. However, inside those flippers are bones that resemble a human hand, thumb included
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I want to believe in God. I'm trying my hardest to be religious but I can't. I can understand believing in a creator but I've been going to church and I just can't take the shit seriously. Talking donkeys. 500 year old men. The Bible is filled with the most insane obviously made up shit and you can't use the excuse of it's metaphors because it says it's supposed to be taken literally. Every religion has this shit. Islam with Muhammad flying on a winged horse. Hinduism with elephants with 6 arms. It's all insane. I want to believe I can't. Deism seems like a cope but it's all I have now except going back to atheism
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Prayers to Bastet - /bast/ General

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Prayers to Bastet - /bast/ Gen(...)
05/26/23(Fri)21:56:16 No.34873814
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Rekindling the energy in my home working with prayer and petition unto Bastet, Egyptian cat goddess of fertility.

Bastet continues to bless my wife with an ever-increasing desire for hearty sustenance, gentle sex, pregnancy and motherhood. She blesses me, she blesses my home, and she blesses those who worship her in good faith.

Anon attests to Bastet's kindness and generosity. Join me in worshiping Bastet by following these guidelines:

>Honor and pray to the goddess.
Burn musky or floral incense, and beeswax candles anointed with similar fragrances.
Offer milk, butter, catnip or raw honey.
Keep an icon of the goddess, whether it's a proper statuette or a catgirl desktop wallpaper.
Rahopet's hymn from the second millennium BCE has proven highly effective, but the following phrases are just as useful:
Bastet is also pleased by the sound of the sistrum, or any similar rattling instrument.
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What’s the most schizo things you’ve seen on /X/

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/cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General

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The Aeon Teleos Edition

"For there exists a great and boundless aeon, whose extent no generation of angels could see, in which is the great invisible Spirit, which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and was never called by any name."

- Rodolphe Kasser

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>Cosmic Death Fungus: A Primer On An Ancient Enemy

>Updated March 25th, 2023
>Version 2.02

>The Nac Protocol PDF
>Streamlined for mainstream consumption

>Mobile Version

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>Compiled by V Anon

>The protocol is safe and non-toxic.

>+++++× UPCOMING NEWS x+++++
>More Disclosure Coming
>New Video In Progress

>We do not post on other forums on 4chan. Any copycat threads don't represent our views.

>Comments or advice here can be kind, negative, truthful or harmful. Always do your own research. (DYOR)

>The NAC Protocol was created by Peribsen and MacLir, with contributions from Space Cowboy and the affiliated doctors, scientists, geneticists and academia who support us.

>Join /cdf/ General here for more research.

>Support our reddit community by upvoting our posts and joining
View The NAC Protocol:

Latest Disclosure & Tryptophan Stack:
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Why does math make you go mad? What is it about studying numbers and shapes that makes people go insane?
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I think I might be gay

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Was it the frog chemicals? Pic unrelated