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Would Jesus get the vaccine during the pandemic?

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What do you think Jesus would have done in that situation? We cannot know, of course, but what do you think would motivate Christ during such an event?
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Your own personnal event horizon

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So it's becoming clear some catacllysmic event is coming our way.

If you were paying attention to symbols and hints from popular culture, you would know by now it's coming from a bird flu which will decimate about 50% of human population in the blink of an eye.

So most likely, you will become alone, without your loved ones.
And you will be left to ponder:
What did it all mean?
What have I done?
Where am I now, was it all worth it?

It's not too late though, follow your intuition, whatever you wanna call it, and you will be *****.

bye now.
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/omg/ — Occult, Mysticism, and Magick General

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Hindu — Raja Yoga, Hathayoga, Shiva Samhita
Taoist — Foundations of Internal Alchemy
Theravada — Knowing and Seeing
Zen — Zen Mind Beginner's Mind
Sufi — Sufism for Non-Sufis
Jewish — Jewish Meditation
General/Thelema — &

Agrippa's Three Books are core
Arbatel should be the first; afterward Heptameron, or Goetia, or Abramelin, Picatrix, etc
The PGM tend to be modular

>Buddhism & Vajrayana
Intro to Tantra, Refining Gold. Look to centers in your area & others that offer empowerment online. Avoid NKT, Rigpa, and Shambhala. Garchen Rinpoche and HHDL's whole YouTube catalogs; you can take empowerment and transmission from their recordings if vows are understood, but really you should have a teacher.

>Golden Dawn
Cicero's Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn, Lyam Thomas Christopher - Kabalah, Magic & the Great Work of Self Transformation
Find a Temple:

Freemasonry folder —> Martinism folder; read everything
Find Treatise on the Reintegration of Beings, as well as the works of Papus, in French

>Aurum Solis
Magical Philosophy (70s editions go from I-V, modern from I-III), then Planetary Magick
The Practical Guide series

>Aspire to A∴A∴
Have a basic understanding of the Golden Dawn system. Read Liber ABA, then go through this reading list:
Focus on Liber Resh, E , RV, O, Astarte, and HHH
For a full curriculum, Mystical and Magical System of the A∴A∴

>Chaos Magic
Liber Null & Psychonaut, Condensed Chaos, Liber Kaos, Hands-On Chaos Magic


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Paranormal/spiritual meaning of having constant cold chills?
I’ve been having cold chills for the past year or so. Comes and goes. I feel like i have quite a bit of control over it now, it used to be out of control. Seems tied more to a mental state than to anything physical.
Does anyone have any similar experiences or knowledge of what could cause such things?
I need warmth, /x/
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I get that we live in a shitty world, I haven't had the best life myself.
Even if I'm having a bad day though I don't draw others into my negativity, and I got voices, demons, suicidal urges all type of shit, so what's your excuse?
If the world is really that bad why not look for a solution instead of fucking complaining all day?
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weed as a paranormal potentiator?
what do you faggots do while smoking weed?
do you read or study or perform any magucal or transcendental fuckery?
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Tanit and Tophets

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Why were certain iterations of the deified Semiramis associated with child sacrifice? Especially the Phoenician/Carthaginian versions?
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Stalker Stories?

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I see a lot of stories here about scary stuff in a supernatural sense, but not often about actual strange or scary people. Can we get a thread about stalker stories?
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Seems the things I say or think are shaping our reality and I’m doing this unintentionally anyone else dealing with this?
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Im hitlers re-encarnation

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guys i had a dream reveal to me i was adolf hitler in my past life. im sure of this.
>ask me anything
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