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Saw something about a Clinton-Epstein thing called frazzledrip. Basic web browser won't show anything besides ADL slop and a dead subreddit. Any info?
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Never meet your heroes

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This thread is a reminder that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were in fact freemasons and active members of the Stone Age freemason lodge community.

If this information made your skin crawl, your self-preservation instincts are still fully operational, good job.
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Any DXM or DPH experiences you’d like to share? I haven’t taken enough for an out of body experience or anything but I kept having these flashes of entire worlds or landscapes that were immaculately detailed down to the infinitesimal, almost like a fractal. I was annoyed that my brain can output this extremely dense information but only when inebriated and unable to replicate it sober. I think your brain has to block 90% of sensory data or else you wouldn’t be able to function. Anyway, I’ve heard of higher doses where people claim to contact entities, anyone here experienced that?
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Scary movie recommendations
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Do the elites ONLY practice satanism? How come they don’t worship any other beings like Cthulhu or some other being that isn’t Satan? Are they really so unoriginal?
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No /x/ humor thread?

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/x/ humor thread.
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Does this diagram mean anything to any of you?
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Why is Eastern Europe so cursed?

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Hundreds of millions of souls have perished in the eerie and cold prairies of Eastern Europe.
Everything from genocides and canibalism to artificial famines and racial wars have plagued this accursed region.
All world wars started here, all massive wars start here. Napoleon, Hitler, Genghis Khan, every world conqueror has made this region a graveyard for entire people

And it looks like a third world war could begin here as well. Imagine how fucked up Eastern Europe's karma must be
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prison in your mind

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prison doesnt begin and end at the gate, prison is in your mind

make sure you're not imprisoned in your own mind anon-boys.
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since coming to this board, im beginning to wonder about, certain traits, that ive always thought were normal. some things ive never really thought about, period. anyway, its now brought me to this.

slow motion. i KNOW for a fact that other ppl experience this. when you were a kid, did you ever jump off a swing, and fly through the air? didnt it FEEL like slow motion somehow? this is when i first discovered it.

i was a single digit age. playing with a friend. we just learned how to jump off swings. friend went first, was going crazy after he landed, asking if it looked slow motion to me. i was like, no man, all normal. he made me try it, and yup, just like he said, FELT like slow motion while flying through the air. wtf?

im sure ppl experience this, possibly without noticing. of course the "triggers" may be different, but the ultimate experience is the same. i wanna hear other ppls experiences. back when i was younger and i hadnt desensitized it yet, once in a while it could be very vivid, allowing for ample time to assess the situation and make a decision. for instance, doing crazy things on a bicycle, thru congested downtown traffic. for me, it was often triggered by dangerous situations. but these days, its been desensitized and hasnt triggered in a long time. i wonder if someone has something to add to this.
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