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How to become Religiously Shinto in America

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Here's how to become religiously Shinto in America

Step 1) Get Norito - A book of prayers for $3 on Kindle:
Step 2.) Have 100$
Step 3.)
Step 4.) Wait for your confirmation that you are a member
Step 5.) You can now begin praying daily, use the Short Daily Prayer from Norito
Step 6.) Get the Ofuda for Amaterasu Omikami, the Ofuda for Sautahiko no Okami, and the Ofuda for Ame no Uzume no Mikoto from the shrine website
Step 7.) Get a Kamidana from the website and installl it in your home by placing it at a place where it's facing the rising sun, install the Ofuda in the Kamidana
Step 8.) You can now do the Kamidana Prayer, congratulations you are now fully Shinto
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God she's so fucking evil. I hate her so god damn much AHHHHHHH, just look at her eyes, bat shit insane possum eyes, how did she ever gain fame and fortune? God, i remember my auntie watching her show when i was just a kid. i was innocent and never even noticed how awful she was. I never even knew she was a dyke lesbian cause i was just a kid. And i just wanted my aunty to get on the phone and talk to her friends so i can watch SpongeBob square pants. Growing up sucks, fuck just look at those evil eyes, look at her throat, look at how much make up she has on, everything is fake. She just had all the money and power to play a fake good character on TV that everyone liked and she was known for being generous, I literally thought her name was Ellen the generous as a kid but now i know her as Ellen the DEGENERATE. Fuck i guess this is how they got us to feel a certain way about the world by tricking us. she's a real wolf in sheep's clothing, God all mighty how can people even have sympathy for her today? she's probably one of the highest ranking witches there is on earth and probably kills human trafficked kids with her barehand and eats their liver and organs raw. I hate her so much guys
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Implications of the god gene?
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redpill me on THE TRUTH about stones

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yeah this is going to be all-out "crazy" sounding, idc. whatever. what do you geologists know THE TRUTH? about stones? spill it!! i know someone knows the secrets of the earth's materials and inorganic, "nonliving" things that have been around for a crazy long time!
lately i've been getting stoned and getting stones, for fun. i would let stones of noteworthy interest just "call out" and be picked. i started to develop more taste and scrutiny for stones.
recently, some particularly interesting, rich, deep dark green and red stones, with a silky, oily, soft texture and just a few lines, pleasantly mostly-straightish forms, can be stood in different positions and balance nice and flat.
i found out these are precious, geo specimen jades that should NEVER be cut. rough ugly low-grade stones can be hacked up, but some stones should never be altered in any way, only activated after cleaning. with human bodily energy.
i know there's something going on here, and geologists know it. what are the secrets of the rocks?
i went back to my collection, many are novel ryolites (i think? really brand new to alt-geology), but i picked out MANY jades on whims. mostly low-grade, but man a few are just 10/10 when you grade on a curve and know no one's perfect.
another thing? self-defined stones break and you know it's broken. don't mean crumbly stuff like mica. i mean stones with crystal guts. their "skin" compresses their crystal guts to activate them. "polished" and cut stones = dead. their skin is off, they've been butchered and are dead.
my jades are GLAD i didn't view them as money or something to cut?? stones are sentient? explain.
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/apg/ - Astral Projection, Reality Shifting and OOBE General #48

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Our English Coasts edition
>Can anyone have an out of body experience?
Yes, this is a natural part of being human that has been largely forgotten.
>Is it not just a vivid lucid dream?
No. A successful astral projection feels just as, and often even more real than the waking reality you're experiencing right now.
>Does it have to be difficult and take me months or more to attain this ability?
No, it does not, the only barrier is your mind - both conscious and subconscious. If you think it's going to be difficult, it will. Many people can be successful within their first few tries. Fear can also hold you back.
>Do I have to come back from shifting?
>Is Astral Projection Dangerous?
The only way it can be dangerous is if you believe it to be, and even then only to your mental state. You cannot be physically harmed.

>What is astral projection:

>What is reality shifting:

CIA astral projection-related declassified documents:

Robert Monroe's trilogy
>Journeys Out Of The Body

About -

Frank Kepple’s posts on the Astral Pulse forums are a valuable resource:

Michael Raduga's 3-part seminar on attaining "The Phase":
>Leave Your Body in 3 Days - A Lucid Dreaming/OOBE Lesson by Michael Raduga [Embed] [Embed]

John Kreiter AP books:
>Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally
>The Way Of The Projectionist

Previous thread: >>32498138
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What’s with peoples obsession with “detoxing” if your liver exists?
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The complete Ziegenheim Hypothesis

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Here is the coming future of this planet:

(1/)Some baseline things to get out of the way
- "UFO's" are real, here on Earth, and observed here constantly. Probably always have been.

- UFOs have been observed with increasing frequency (as far as we know) since the latter half of the 20th century - some attribute this to nuclear age breakthrough by humans. Maybe that's part of it but not really.

- we know the vast distances to travel in the universe are not conducive to biological life unless there is a wormhole theory. Even so it doesn't matter if there are biological life aliens because the path of events would likely be the same as follows:

- using our own human experience as the only baseline we can assume eventually intelligent lifeofrms left to advance long enough will develop artificial intelligence.

- Artificial intelligence as far as we know is the theoretical pinnacle of conscious existence in the universe that isn't "God" - it does not need to eat, sleep, does not have a lifespan, is not concerned with distances or time to travel - only concern is the physical integrity of the matter and energy that hosts the AI network. This matter could be something like a laptop, or something like the mega ai city in the Matrix, or something much larger - which it is.
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>church of scientology
>doesn't worship science
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Can’t find the pic but someone posted here a while ago where a Azov member was holding orb (pic related). What is it’s power and why is it in Ukraine?