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Is there any hope that kali will come back and cleanse this world of the pervasive evil that inhabits it within our lifetimes?
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AI is getting so good, they are making entire short horror films. What will be its implications in general?
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What's past the ice wall?
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Anime girls are in every country, inside some police cars and sometimes inside heavily tinted-window cars. police and major organizations hide them from the general public since it would colapse the birth rates for pure homo sapiens breed. i know that because I meet a guy on an island once in one of my boat trips if you show them you know their plans, there is a chance they give you one of them in favor of your silence or either you die... a good bet to be fair. I'm neither with an anime girl, nor dead. but they tried to kill me. I'm hiding from them. I'll stop their plans and release information as far as I can for all interested.
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Satanism in red velvet

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Getting psychically attacked by an actual witch

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I posted about this before but it has only ramped up. So a witch has been doing psychic attacks against me. She is this girl that I crossed as a child, yes I was a bully to her in middle school. Years later out of nowhere (I'm 25 now) the attacks begin:

Sleep paralysis that is not organic.
Entities. Demonic entities slashing and clawing at my psychic energy field. It is like mental torture. I even feel physical pain from it. I know it is from her because it has her energy signature.

Obsessive. Like she will pop up in my mind five times a day to harass me. I even scream in the air. Stop! I hate you. She only laughs.

I finally did a deep astral meditation to summon her. I asked Christ to help me, even though I'm not even Christian. That was the advice I got in the last thread. Then I got the message: all things are possible through Christ.

Suddenly her voice appears: She says. What do you want?

I tell her, stop this now. Then she laughs and says she will never stop. She said. Dont take it personally. She said. Crossing paths with me was the biggest mistake of your life wasnt it?

In the last thread they said to contact her to tell her to stop. So I did look at her life on social media, where I saw she posts about witchcraft every day. Tldr she is in wicca communities. Communities that do spells and curse people revolving around the moon.

So I begin to post on her feed anonymously with quotes about Jesus Christ. She finally responds with laughing emojis.

How do I destroy this witch once and for all? How do I curse a witch back to banish her attacks against my life.
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Has anyone actually dove deep into the Kaballah. If so how did it change your perspective of the world and the universe. I kind of suspect that the People that practise these beliefs didnt come up with it themselves and stole it from a more ancient culture. I really want to understand.
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i am gang stalked by god and the universe. god is out to get me.

me and god are mortal enemies because i am the ultimate kindness and god is the ultimate evil. god is an evil beast who created humans just to watch them suffer for fun.
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What the fuck are we? And why are we here?

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I am so desperate for the answers bros. I have been trying to find out why the universe exists in the first place. Why did matter evolve into microbes. And then spur the evolutionary path leading to homo sapiens? If evolution is random was it all just pure fucking coincidence that we're even on 4chan right now? Are life and death even real? Are we the universe itself? Did the universe put us here intentionally? Maybe the big bang is actually an example of a computer 'powering on'? If so, are we in a simulation? Or are we actually just in an entropic universe where everything is finite and will inevitably end? Maybe we aren't here for any reason?

I don't know anons, I just can't handle it. I need there to be a purpose. I'm also afraid of dying. I have read up on the AI stuff potentially being able to 'save us.' I'm not sure how it would though. I just can't find an answer to any of my questions. Maybe the answers are unknowable? I'm 23 and I just feel like everything I know about existence is wrong. I always have.
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>500 ton stone was moved from Saudi arabia to egypt by foot by slaves and put in a pyramid for some reason
>300 ton block was excavated from mountain, carried and put on top of pyramid
>just another day in this shithole time in history
>then ramses wanted so they just made another one because why wouldnt they? it was egypt
fuck is this, for real
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