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Temple Of Maergzjirah

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The Black Court, Temple Of Maergzjirah

During the 1100's A.D., the first blood pact was made between the Drujziya family and The Black God, Cernobog in Veszprém, Hungary. Through this, the Archdemon joined his blood with the gypsy tribe's, thus leading to all and their progeny to be born with an (un)natural affinity for magick and the black arts. In 1436, at the hands of the Fra Giacomo and the Inquisition of Hungary, nearly every last gypsy of the Drujziya tribe was slaughtered. Those who survived abandoned their heritage and adopted a new persona and lifestyle, blending back into the social weave. Sybastien Drujziya, our patriarch, was visited by Cernobog in the winter of 1436. The Black God formed a second blood pact with Sybastien; granting an aspect of his infernal divinity. In return, a Cabal would be founded, a movement made, and all enemies of the Cabal would be decimated. Thus came the Maergzjiran Cabal from the fires of Hell, Maergzjirah; the Underworld, Keraktes; and the plane of shadow, L'Oirna Isto.

We are an ever-expanding, studious order of Sorcerers and Sorceresses from a wide array of spiritual backgrounds and scholarship. Our mission is to destroy ignorance of the arcane, venture further into the occult so as to learn its most intimate secrets, and to reach our apotheosis: perfection and power absolute of the soul. Godhood, Lichdom, Vampirism, Omniscience, and Immortality is not just a fantasy or a dream. For Disciples of the Cabal, it is merely a step along the grand journey into the multiverse. It is a reality for those who are diligent enough to remain focused and to always drive harder toward their goal when the world would otherwise crush the flame of their ambition.