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Giant black dog experience

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This probably isn't /x/'s usual fare, but I thought I might relate a weird thing that happened to me this weekend and see what you guys think.

I was out at my grandma's ranch this weekend and my two cousins and I were walking around the property with two dogs, not on leashes. It was evening, but not so late that things were getting too dark to see; the sky was about halfway through the orange part of sunset. We were headed through a cow pasture towards a gate in the barbed wire fence, which I'd guess would be about four feet tall, separating it from the wooded area. We were basically walking along a path with the fence and trees on our right and the cows' drinking lake on our left.

The dogs were a bit ahead of us, when suddenly they both turned around to face behind us and started barking. My cousin and I both turned around and saw some kind of creature, like a horse or a dog, covered in long shaggy black or dark brown fur, with extremely long legs. I'm talking like, the head and body were somewhere between the size of a large dog and a small horse, but the legs were easily twice as long as a human is tall. I don't know how long it had been there, but it was staring at us and the dogs and was mostly frozen, and was on our side of the barbed wire fence, facing away from the woods. I'm guessing it had just walked straight over the fence, heard the dogs barking, and froze. The dogs started to run towards it, it sort of buckled down on its humongous legs to bring its head down to ground level, and made this massive snorting noise, and both the dogs stopped in their tracks and bolted straight into the lake. One cousin said they yelped like they were hurt when it did that, but I don't remember that. Then it just turned around and strode back over the fence and into the woods.