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Someone should play this game and report back.

One Man Hide and Seek also known as Hitori Kakurenbo

The "One-Man Hide and Seek", aka the "One-Man Tag", is a ritual for contacting the dead.
The spirits, which are wandering restless on the Earth, are always looking for bodies to possess. In this ritual, you will summon such a spirit, by offering it a doll instead of a human body.

Warning: If you have psychic abilities, you may feel unwell or be prone to accidents during the ritual.

Things You Need:
One stuffed doll. It must have limbs.
Rice, enough to stuff the doll full.
One needle, and one crimson thread.
One nailclipper.
One sharp-edged tool, such as a knife, glass shard, or scissors.
One cup of salt water. Natural salt would be best.
A bathroom, with a bathtub and some form of counter.
A hiding place, preferably a room purified by incense and ofuda. There must be a TV in there.

Take out whatever the doll is stuffed with. Once all of its stuffing is removed, re-stuff it with rice. *1
Clip off a few pieces of your nails, and put them inside the doll. Sew up the opening with the crimson thread. When you finish sewing, tie up the doll with the rest of the thread. *2
Go to the bathroom and fill your bathtub with water.
Return to your hiding place, and put the cup of salt water on the ground.