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Hacker's Canyon

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Someone please help me work out what the fuck this website is.

I started browsing through it in about 2006, a group of us made a conscious effort to try and work out what this mysterious website actually was - it's just endless links on links filled with mysterious hacker/gang related stuff.

The entire thing is mysterious as fuck. To become a part of the website you need to solve multiple riddles and apply to join a "camp", we managed to progress this far back in 2006 and were given our own domain after browsing for weeks but we didn't get much further than that before everything dissolved.

The forum we were discussing our search on was eventually directed to via one of the Hackers Canyon pages, they had been watching our discussions the entire time. It's been 8 years and this thing is still up and running with new content being added all the time.

The weirdest thing is the whole thing is still active, but there's absolutely no information regarding it anywhere on the Internet. There's no Wikipedia article, nothing, we had a conversation with them on MSN a while ago and they wanted to meet up with us in real life in my hometown, being like 14/15 years old I pussied out but every couple of years I come back and try and work it out again.

Here's the thing, the actual scale of this site is massive, there are so many pages and so many fucked up riddles, if this was a prank I find it hard to believe that the guy will have kept it running for this long - the emails up on the site are still being actively replied to.

There is definitely something weird up with this website and I need help trying to figure it out so I can go back to being sane.

Please /x/, help me solve the Hacker's Canyon.

Pic related: A picture of "Dirk Lemmons" as of his Twitter feed, everything's protected so I can't access any more information than that.