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Cryptid sighting in Central PA (HBG/York)

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(Picture related).

Three times in the last year I have seen something...unusual in the wooded area/farmland around the little town of Lewisberry, PA while traveling route 283. It appears somewhat like the Texas Stiltwalker (see pic).

Driving home late one night I spotted someone/thing walking along the side of the road. It was very tall looking (over six feet) and very thin with either black jeans and a black overcoat or very closely cropped black fur. Its face didn't have a snout but was pushed in like a humanoid. Its face was also black in color. It was walking briskly on two feet and, as I was drawing closer it dropped down to all fours and ran quickly across the road in front of me. I saw this thing a second time a few months later running along the road on all fours before it cut across into the corn on the side of the road.
The third time it was just a glimpse of a shadow but it seemed to be the same shape so I am not as certain.

Without giving a complete description, I mentioned it somewhat sheepishly on Facebook. Two other people described to a T the appearance and behavior of what I saw. One spotted it almost exactly where I did, the other spotted in 6-7 miles away.

Any other PA-fags in the Harrisburg/York area have a similar experience?