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Skinwalker/Goatman. Which is it?

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So, /x/. Its time for another skinwalker thread. An old subject that everyone's sick of. But this one is different. I want to talk about the history of the topic being on /x/. Because we need to sort this shit out. Where it started, how it relates to native american religion, and the name of the "skinwalker", among other things.

The "skinwalker" threads started with Anansi's Goatman story:


It was pretty popular but the actual skinwalker bullshit didn't start until 2013 around the time of the whole Elisa Lam kerfuffle. When there was an OC thread started and an anon posted about skinwalkers. Now, I think that the skinwalkers on /x/ are different from the Navaho skinwalkers, which is what led to people misconstruing the two via googling "Skinwalker" and seeing the wiki page. Skinwalker stories were called "Goatmen" when /x/ first started posting about it but the nickname "skinwalker" picked up over time.

Skinwalker/Goatman stories usually had a bunch of key factors like: Terrible Smell, People acting strange, One extra person in the group, Close family member trying to lead a person away from the group, or the raspy voice. Now if anything spooky happens at all its automatically called a skinwalker story.
Ex: Anon hearing a weird noise from the forest outside their house = Skinwalker.