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Wendigo, and Wendigo appliences

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Wendigo sightings, pasta and personal encounters.

I'm looking around my house at the possibility of these fuckers being in my local woods. A serious problem if I do say so myself. Here is my pasta as refrence.

Just finished talkin with my dad about his spoopy encounter.
>hunting season
>see nothing all day
>twilight rolls around
>hear sounds of cow moving through the forrest
>expect to hear cow moo or buck grunt
>see what looks like moss on the fuckhugest rack ever
(keep in mind it's twilight so silouets are the only thing visible, and barely at that)
>hear non cow non deer call that sounds like a moo only demonicly deeper
>father decides that tree is safer than the ground, shit maybe he even was just mishearing things
>it makes that call again
>dad decided that i'm waiting untill dark before i gtfo
>tatically nopes back to truck and goes to farmers house
>Asks farmer what in the blue blases he just saw
>farmer says IDFK?

I live roughly 20 minutes from Pittsburgh. Is it possible that there are wendengo around here? If so, I shall become the helsing of Pittsburgh.

>pic related slaying rifle (45 long colt)