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Zioptis update thread

The website is a haunted house attraction site started in the 1980's. If you look at the website, you'll see information about popular attractions all over the U.S, but if you call the hotline given on the website, you'll get something completely different.

" This is their official website.

The recording is of the phone number they list as their official contact number. It's been running since the mid 90's and I can personally confirm it's been running since as early as 2009. Some anons tracked down the location of the phone number and it led to an empty lot.

http://4chandata.org/x/Hey--x--remember-the-zioptis-thread-from-2011So-the-home-website-was-updated-yesterday-on-the-20th-its-just-so-bizarre-read-it-you-a549649 "

If you call the number, you'll hear recordings of different things, such as eerie music, to people talking about aliens, to JFK's speech with zioptis mentioned within it several times, and sometimes you'll get a quiz.

UPDATE: a friend and I have pretty much proven that the hotline is run by humans, and not an automated message system. we have asked them to play a certain recording, and they will often respond accordingly.

Sorry if this type of thing doesn't interest you but I haven't seen a zioptis thread in such a long time. Search "zioptis" in archives to see the other discussions.