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Karin Katherine, all over again.

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Hey, /x/.

I've been around here for awhile, but after a long hiatus of trying to avoid SUUUCCCUUUBIIII threads, I've come to bring you the next Karin Katherine Waldegrave.

I suppose mental illness is nothing paranormal, but at the least I am trying to understand her motives. I was very interested in the discussion of Karin years back on /x/. I'm not trying to make a joke or a spectacle out of this woman, what I am trying to do is discuss what she is going through.

She seems to be schizophrenic, suffering from psychosis and paranoia. She caught my attention by spray painting her house very nearby to me. It was on the news and I had researched more into why she had done this.
She had been a professor at Oakland Community College before an apparent mental breakdown. She is allowing us to follow her story publically on Facebook with tangents of word salad, conversations with herself. She was admitted to a Catholic Mental Institution (which only furthered the issue) and she seems desperate for help.

Since this is local to me - it may only be fascinating on a personal level. Would anyone else be interested into reading into her story, and her thought process?

Link to news story:
fox2detroit.com/news /local-news/18269582-story

Link to her Facebook:

(4chan had recongized this as spam multiple times so I tried to split the links for ya'.)