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Barbie.avi investigation thread

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Welcome to barbie.avi investigation thread.
Recently team from russian anonymous imageboard found out a lot of new information about the video, but there are still a lot of stuff to search for. She was a model in one of the amputee agencies, however we don’t know which agency recorded the original tape, but we suppose it could be AMPIX, ASCOT, CHIT-CHAT or FASCINATION.
We have contacted some persons who were directors of this agencies, and few guys from amputee forums.
Here is a link for all information that we got right now: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HgH3vKs1J5Rwd2OCqfoaBSicVfdj_H3zaNNc84fyDXc/edit

If you are interested in this investigation, you can post here or write to my kik (malodumal)