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Homo Deus

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Hello \( ^ . ^ )/
I'm somewhat new to /x/, so forgive me if I come off as an obvious outsider.

Let's see, where should I begin..?

Well, I've recently gotten interested in the "occult" and I'm not sure if I fully understand it, but I'd definitely like to learn about sigils and rituals, perhaps even chaos magick.

From what I've gathered so far magic is used to carry out the will of the 'magician,' which would obviously make it useful to most, but I'm unsure of where to begin learning! If it helps, I can state what I intend to use such gifts for.

I wish to become influential and powerful enough to create a 'small' nation, and from there, it will annex its neighbors (through diplomacy at first of course). Once I've done so, I'll guide the fundamental beliefs and ideology of my nation's populace so that it will match its intended purpose: to cleanse humanity. The problem is if magic is as "moralistic" as it appears to be (at least to me, an outsider), then I'm afraid the actions that my nation must take would be considered "evil/wrong," and by bringing the occult into it, I will accidentally make the undesirable 'corruption' of my nation inevitable. I accept the fact that my nation will have to perform necessary evils from time to time, but that does not at all mean that I want, or intend for it to be evil in and of itself.

Not only that, but I'm also not sure how big a part 'spirts,' 'demons,' and/or etc. play in the occult. I'd like to completely avoid the will of an intelligence with an agenda that I do not know affecting the progress of my nation (ie. having the government become "corrupted" on a fundamental and spiritual level).

I probably sound like an idiot, and I most likely am one really, but I'd like as much help as possible without destroying the intended goal/purpose of what I wish to create.