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Weird Alien Cryptic Puzzle? 3301? S.V.V? Tengri?

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I came across this while looking threw some psychotic ramblings on the 4chan archive. It look's like a bunch of secret alien tech and a shit load of primes.
It says something like find the "7 Primes" and do a bunch of weird stuff to get more primes. This is freaking insane. At the bottom it appears some answers. I'm not sure how they got "pi369" nor have i figured out where they came up with " 20563" Which I did check was a prime. Pretty sure this might be the page where we get all the primes for this puzzle .

Much like the other parts of this puzzle it appears to have "Cicada 3301" influenced styles along with other Puzzle maker themes.

I bet something real good behind those primes.