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anybody ever figure out 1-800-GOLF-TIP?

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Let me greentext this for ya:

> back in the 90s there was this billboard across from the old Bijou Theater
> 1-800-GOLF-TIP, pretty generic looking
> I don't care about golf so ignored it
> kids around school start talking about it tho
> "You've got to call it's so weird"
> whatever... I always forget by the time I get home
> over at a friend's house, he brings it up
> fine, fine, let's call right now then
> dial, put it on speaker
> it's just a guy counting to ten over and over
> kind of hard to place accent
> "wan thoo thrree foh five sihks seven (quick breath) eigh nain ten (quick pause, repeats)"
> we call it a bunch of times, laugh over how weird it is
> who's paying for this???
> one day we put it on and just leave it on, don't hang up
> something like 12 minutes in the voice cuts out
> blip... blip...
> then this SUPER LOUD sound like a synthetic siren, wwaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaa....

To this day I have no idea wtf that was. There are a few conversations around about it but nothing solid.

Anyone know about this?