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I'm fucking tired of these fuckers ruining something WE created. Horror Fiction starts to get called "Transpacific Memes". These fuckers makes their shitty Homestuck tranny self insert posts from tumblr. Then when you call them out for it your told to fuck off and that your not wellcome BY THE ADMINS. (It's almost as bad as the Roblox Forums Before Quackity Hq took them down). We're being prosecuted for wrong think. When I see these degenerate scum try to call us out for "Victim Blaming" it makes me want to take a flammenwerfer and shove it down my trough while the Horst Wessel Leid plays in the back ground. We as a Collective Group need to Raid this shitty site and Post the most anti-Tranny Shit we can think of. If you're happy with the outcome of the transformation of the site that has occurred during the past 3 years or so then take all the pills in your medicen cabinet and wash it down with vodka you fucking DNC supporting LGBTQ commie.