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Let's have a classic thread in which we share our unsettling, creepy, or paranormal experiences in greentext format

This is a long story with a lot of build up and not much payoff. Take it as you will:

>Year 2011, I'm 13 years old at the time
>This was a particularly unpleasant point in my life. My family had always been poor, but the 2009 recession had created lasting effects that had rendered our situation even worse than usual. We frequently had to rely on relatives to pay bills that we couldn't pay on time, but that obviously wasn't a consistently reliable method.
>Many times we'd barely have enough food to feed everyone, and I recall frequently going to bed hungry. At one point we couldn't afford to pay the electric bill, and we had to go without electricity for a week. We had to remove all of our frozen and refrigerated food from the fridge/freezer and store it over at my grandmother's.
>Then, of course, there was I myself. I had hit puberty at about the age of 10, which was sooner the most of my classmates. As a result, I looked distinctly older than the rest of them. Rather than serving as an advantage, it was simply another thing which made me a target for harassment. I was riddled with acne and was very hairy - I was frequently referred to as "bigfoot" by other kids, and if this wasn't enough, my transition into puberty had triggered a behavioral change which I would go onto understand was a mental illness - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you've ever been around someone that has ACTUALLY be diagnosed with OCD (not people that call themselves OCD because they have charming quirks like organizing their book shelves or something stupid) you'll know that the obsessive compulsions of these individuals can border on the insane. When you wash your hands so frequently that they become dry, chipped, and bleeding, it's just another target on your back.
>Now, before you bail, I want you to realize that there is a reason I'm going into detail about this.