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Memphis rap sigils

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Long time on and off lurker (since late 2010 or so), but full time enthusiast. Anyway, so i'm super into Memphis rap (have been since I was an early teen). During a search for some of the music itself, I went down the rabbit hole of threads you guys have about "sigils", and how various Memphis artists would try to harvest souls onto tape or some shit. I see a lot of references to Tommy Wright III's "4 corners!" chant as implying something unholy, but that's just what they (Tommy and his posse) called Whitehaven (a specific ghetto in Memphis) at the time. If you do any reading into Tommy's life (fascinating shit), you'll find out he was up to his neck in all sorts of illegal shit (one video interview on Youtube has him talking about buying out rooms in 5 different motels across Memphis to sell crack and prostitutes out of). So, while TWIII/Niggaz of Destruction/Ten Wanted Men were up to some shady shit, I doubt any of it was religiously influenced. I've seen allegations of the Children of the Corn tape containing actual samples from sacrifices (specifically in the track Deep Into the Woods), which is patently ridiculous to me, given that COTC aren't shrouded in as much mystery as /x/ likes to think (in fact, there's a Medium article about Lil Grim on the resurgence of his 90s work, featuring input from the man himself).
Yet, there's a few questions I have yet to ask pertaining to the MRS meme. I saw a lot of allegations being tossed about the HOH track "Livin' in a Casket" having hidden cryptic satanic shit hidden within (something pertaining to the WM3 murders too?), which isn't really helped by the lack of info on the group (and the leader of the group being a now ordained minister, leaving cryptic comments on YouTube. I saw a few posts saying there's old forum posts talking about it, any links? His book worth checking out?

Also, anyone know the source of that single pic of Maniac where he's got the crown and shit?

Redpill me on it, /x/.