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Succubus Collective shilling thread

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What a succubus is

The visual appearance of a succubus typically includes a female body with wings, horns and a tail. But some succubus are depicted lacking one or more of these attributes. So what really determines if this is a succubus or just a common female demon? This can only be found by looking at her inner qualities. First off she has to be beyond masculinity. This means there is no dependence on any male qualities. She may have them, but the core of her being is ruled by feminine thinking. What you see when looking closer is the main characteristics which makes her different from other female beings. A succubus is immortal. Once born she will only evolve. What most people think of when they hear the word, is an entity who was born this way, complete with all attributes, existing beyond the human world. But when a being is born it may look in any way and exist on any plane. Some beings were not born by a succubus, but they later developed into one. This means they may have had the form of a spirit, and incarnated as a human or even animal or plant. The journey on which you finally realize your inner potential may take many odd paths. For this reason, "succubus" is an external descriptive term used when referring to a wide range of beings of similar qualities.