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Why vote for Cthulhu? When the Succubus Collective can just oppress you.

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Making 2019 the year of the demonic feminine

As this year is ending, so is the age of semitic dominance. We are seamlessly taking over the field of world wide faith built up by christianity and assuming control of it. Its main world view is compatible with ours. We only need to change the focus and direction. This will superficially rejuvanate christian beliefs in the existence of Heaven, Hell and different supernatural beings. But in the end the reason is not that the God of the testaments have regained his position of power. Rather, this is the result of the Collective taking over and making use of the already existing belief system.

The main difference is that the Collective does not suffer from pathological altruism. The Collective is not a representative democracy, rather it is, in human terms a libertarian primitivist anarcho capitalist organization. It only turned out as a collective because this is the most effective when working together with the same goals.