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Bladee is trying to tell us something.

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There is a rapper named Bladee.. And something strange is happening. People either think that he is a shapeshifter or reptilian given his constant seemingly uncanny way of changing his face every public appearance or he's a prophet trying to warn us of something.

>He constantly references "Red Lights" "3-Stars" "Trash" "Trash Star" and just in general Stars.

Infact his album is called "Red Light"
>"Look up at the stars they're retreating"

> This is a reference to the redshift effect, which is a phenomenon similar to the Doppler effect. Light waves from a quickly retreating star will be stretched, lowering the frequency of the wave. Since the color red has the lowest frequency of the colors in the color spectrum, the light emitting from the retreating star will appear red. This references the title of the album, Red Light, as well.

>Trash Star refers to Orion's Belt. There is a waste management company in England called Orion. Orion's Belt has three really bright stars, so Orion's Belt = Trash Star = Three Stars.

He's also known to post strange and uncanny photos on his instagram aswell his album art seems almost like something that needs to be decoded most of the time.

He also is starting to post strange sacred-geometry like diagrams and such.

"I gave myself up to the Red Light."

Tarot Cards and other strange/magical imagery popping up