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Jeff the Killer - unedited image search?

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This is the information from a previous thread I've found since February:

2005 - The image supposedly first surfaced on a Japanese website called Pya.cc along with another version (which is slightly edited, but only with copy-pasted eyes and a canine jaw that is overlapping the person's original jaw in place).

2006 - The "slightly-edited" version appeared on Encyclopedia Dramatica with the filename "Joy.jpg". The image is horizontally flipped at this time.

2007 - The infamous shop of Jeff appears on a Japanese video entitled, "NNN臨時放送". It shows up around the 4th minute and 11th second mark of the film. The picture appears in other Japanese videos related to this one, but the unedited version cannot be found yet.

2008 - A post on 4chan's /b/ board mentioned a sister committing suicide due to the fact that she was fat. She supposedly posted her image on /b/ until one day it got photoshopped by many bullies. The girl in the image isn't Katy Robinson but it was an actual person named Heather White. She's still alive today and she has an actual Myspace account.

Next posts shows what we're trying to dig up so far.