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Anyone else have recurring dreams of visiting a giant Mall World?

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There is a good, long thread about it over at GLP


So many people describe this location the exact same way. Endless amount of stores that seem to lead into one another directly, steep escalators where the laws of physics don't apply, difficult or impossible to find exits, seems to exist as a city of some sort unto itself, often connected to or close by a similar University World or Library World, etc.

Some people, including myself, sometimes enter it through what appears to be a giant manor type house where the inside consists of just endless shops and stores all connected to one another. The inside seems infinite even though the outside seems to have a normal size. There are way too many people online describing the same place for it to just be coincidence. It isn't just that we all go to malls and our minds make this up. The actual geography and layout of the place is the same for many people.

Anyone here familiar with Mall World?