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Finding the unedited image of "Jeff" (Oldfag Edition)

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To all the oldfags that migrate (or at least used to) on /b/, presumably 2005, can any of you tell me where pic related came from? From what I've understand, ancientfags claim that it originated by some underrated camgirl on /b/ asking for compliments.

The story goes that she spammed a shitty webcam pic of herself along with the captions: "Am I pretty?". Because of the crappy lighting blocking her face, some /b/tards (whom have joined in her thread) posted photoshops of her face until they got to pic related, and a few more. She complained and yet, many more were made before she stopped browsing and left.

According to some, they stated it wasn't the Katy Robinson/Heather being posted at that time. It was a different girl, supposedly young and skinnier looking by the time she got started camming to /b/. Others said that she was ugly and mixed-race/Hispanic.

TL;DR - The Katy Robinson/Heather rumor that was posted on this site years later is proven to be a hoax many times. Heather (the girl behind the "Katy" photo) had absolutely nothing to do with the rumor, nor is the girl behind these various photoshops. Pic related and other shoops came from this unnamed camwhore who took a shitty photo of herself, and spammed it across /b/. The photo isn't from Heather, it's from a different girl, like I said before.

If we could find a working archived link or a screencap of the unedited image with all of the other photoshops, we could figure out who is the girl behind all of this.

To anyone's new here and doesn't understand, join our discord or at least stay in this thread to try and participate. I'd really appreciate some help and effort from you guys! Whenever I could find the unphotoshopped image, all I get is extreme bullshit from other theories lurking around out there.

>gg AW7aJf3

Anyone willing to help?