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Finding unedited image of "Jeff" (Oldfag Edition Part 2)

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So we've found some more info and identity behind the "girl's" thread and original photo (which we have never found yet). But towards oldfags' perspectives, they stated that it became an "epic" proto meme afterwards, or it was just a thread no one found interesting or humorous.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE "GIRL" IN THE "JEFF" IMAGE (it's NOT Katy/Heather like I mentioned in the previous thread, again, it was a different one from /b/):
>has strawberry blonde hair
>big smile

>uncropped showing the girl's full body and stuff in her room
>landscape or portrait mode
>she's either standing or sitting on a bed until proven otherwise, making her angle look ugly to her appearance
>dresser is on the right side of her room with a mirror on top with clothes, and a closet door behind her
>cabinet on the floor with tons of clothes and other stuff as well
>overexposure of the camera was blocking her entire face, especially her skin and clothes

Next post provides comments from subsequent threads.