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I presume tic tac toe is your alt you used to test perms?

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I've been in talks with a few spiritual gurus and been with cults that circulated around the 'end of the world' these groups and people I only spoke to was to deal with visions which to this day I only have semi solid evidence the thing i can prove is a kind of focused meditation where you can...how do I put this, see the human consciousness?

Its merely a insightful statement
Which is the biggest reason why I am branching out and curious about cults
Consider that evidence as my 'gateway drug' to all of this
It was the first thing I ever truly experienced that I can say that's confirmed, for I can do it on my own
Later on my lunch (in like a 20 minutes or so) I can show you

The Architect 21-Jun-20 04:07 PM
Okay. PM us when you're ready

Of course my friend
Also, who is we? You are merely one acc
No offense my friend

The Architect 21-Jun-20 04:07 PM
“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” - Mark 5:9

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