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Memes are sentient / The power of memes / Anonymous creative energy

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I have had pic related rattling around in my brain. I picked it up on /x/ a few weeks ago and the more I think about it, the more I notice the (if not sentience) power of memes.

When you consider the phrase (meme) "the left can't meme" it seems to stem from the fact that the left doesn't have an anonymous, uncensored place for creativity/ideas to flourish like a 4chan thread. When the left try to make a meme they do it with personal ego attached, rigid guidelines about speech/thought, and that interrupts the creative process of a group encapsulating a thought or idea in an image or phrase.

Example of a meme being created:
I participated in a thread on /pol/ a few days ago where a group effort was made to craft a new meme.
One of the most viable, concise, and accurate forms I'm seeing circulated on /pol/ today. The birth of a meme with a short lineage. The anonymous human consciousness, energy, creativity, and thoughts in a thread being focused. The distilling of an idea down to it's most pure, viable form. The current iteration of this meme is someone's "OC", but it was very much a group effort and no one human can stake a claim on it. No single name or ego could ever be associated with it.

I have been digging around in desuarchive
and I have seen some evidence that the content of this post is known. I have seen anons observing this phenomenon but I haven't seen a complete description of it.
What have I missed?
Can you provide any examples where a meme, in whatever form, has fundamentally altered the course of reality?

This my attempt at getting my thoughts written down such as they are. I would love to hear any and all insight, criticism, or critique.
Memes are extensions of human consciousness/creativity and as such may be considered sentient/sapient/(?) in and of themselves.