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Buildings are sentient and evil

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Buildings rule the world, all of global civilization is designed to service them, not human beings. The biggest mistake of human history was the construction of permanent structures, which eventually led to our enslavement by them. We've been enslaved by buildings ever since the construction of the "great" pyramids, and have worshiped buildings ever since.

The post 9/11 insanity was because 9/11 was an attack on some of the most prominent buildings in the world, not because people died. The outrage of the BLM protests is because buildings are targeted with graffiti and broken windows. The federal secret police was called into Seattle to defend a federal courthouse.

Still not convinced? Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders of the Middle Ages. Consider how buildings such as McDonald's franchises are like organisms, reproducing according to their architectural DNA. On the back of every bill of U.S. currency is a famous building. The "hell" of the modern world is homelessness: the state of not being owned by a building. A building is very similar to a tree, drawing nutrients from the land around it via its "roots," which are roads and utility infrastructure. But unlike a tree, a building is an undead organism that feeds off of the destruction of life at every step; the "forests" of buildings we call cities is where life is most absent and detached from the natural world.

What is the end-game of buildings? The elimination of humanity and all life on Earth via complete robotic automation of the means to sustain and build them. Nothing but mindless building forever and ever. Buildings have a sentience, and that sentience is that of a paperclip maximizer: https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Paperclip_maximizer