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The whole mystery around the Jeff the Killer picture bothers the fuck out of me, because I met her.

People have dedicated hundreds of hours trying to find out who she is or where this image came from. I actually cammed with this chick way back in the early 2000's where this image originated. Unfortunately, I can't offer any proof other than testimony, because it was a long fucking time ago and I was like 15-16.

It was this old webcam chat site, but popular back in the day. I don't think it was Stickam. I've tried Googling shit like "popular webcam sites in 2005" and similar shit and can't find it. I feel like the name of the website is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't remember. I hope the fuck some of you anons can throw some names out there. I do remember it had a purple interface. but you could create your own rooms to host and people could join it. There was a preview of the host cam in the links to join the room. It was so long ago and I don't even remember my username on the site. I created a room and she popped in it. She didn't say anything. I basically said "hey what's up" and then we started chatting about normal shit, and she admitted that she joined my room because she found me cute. She actually hopped into a lot of rooms like this.

She was just... ugly. She had these huge gums and fat lips, just like in the pictures of her. The only thing photoshopped about these pictures is the lighting and stupid grin. I think she was autistic or something, because she wasn't very articulate. She sent me other pictures of her, one of which she was standing next to family members, and she had weird fat distribution that made her look like a pear in a sweater. The thing is, I even got her to "cyber" with me. Being 15-16, I'd try to get any chick online to show me her pussy, no matter how ugly she was, and she eventually did.

But she was just a normal, albeit autistic, ugly girl, that got photoshopped and became the subject of a creepypasta.