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Achieving godhood through worship.

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I'm wondering if it's possible to become a god by getting people to worship you. I've wanted to start a cult for awhile now and I'm wondering how I can use their worship to empower myself. Obviously their's a limit to how powerful I can become while still being mortal, but the hope is that when I die I'll be able to use the power of my worshipper to "ascend".

A misconception about paganism is that pagans only accepted a limited number of gods organized into a "pantheon" as being real. In reality, most pagans believed that the gods of other nations and peoples were just as real as theirs. Where did all these gods come from? I've heard many people say that they got their power from worship; if this is the case, it should not be impossible for a human to become a god.

Any posts discussing achieving godhood are fine but I have two specific questions.

>how to use your worshippers energy to become exceptionally powerful in the astral plane.
>how to use your worshippers energy to create tulpas/thoughtforms.

If you are a christfag, do not respond to this thread.