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Deachan, or undeniable proof they are training bot AIs in the darknet

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Let me introduce you to DeaChan, an imageboard found on the darknet by an italian anon. It was posted on italian imageboards, but here I think it will be useful further proof for DIT and similar theories.

The bots spoke in mostly correct Italian, but having learned from darknet users they constantly talk about drugs, rape and cannibalism, mainly because of other bots and edgy shit you can find there. This is HUGE.

1) No individual has the resources to do this. Multiple other identical imageboards have been found, all infested by these bots. This makes no sense, since there are only 2/3 decently sized italian imageboards, unless the organizations wasting money on this want 100% draconic control of all internet interaction. This further backs up the proposed 20-80 user/bot ratio.

2) They are training them on the darknet. This suggests the bulk of glowies/shill individually patrols such corners of the internet, while the bots are used as cheap troops to flood social media.

3) Special care is given to imageboards because they breed strong ideas and memes, and their peculiar language makes normal bots stand out, so they need to train them from the ground up. In any case, they seem to be having obivious problems, at least for the flesh crazed italian bots.

It really is crazy. The care they are putting into controlling the narrative is absolutely insane. Just imagine what the internet will look like in 5 years if we keep this up, or the ways psyops on TikTok and similar normie media will be conducted. Schizos were right, and the ancients were right about schizos: they predicted the future. Soon, digital media will control people in invisible ways, all interactions that aren't face to face will be unrealiable and mere exposure to media will potentially become mass hypnosis, MKUltra style.

We have to start to find new weapons to win this fight, and win it before it begins for real. Because what we're getting is a taste of the doomed world we're building.