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Cryptid & Mysterious Creature General 12: How Deep Will We Delve?

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Question of the thread: What are some Mesoamerican cryptids?

And feel free to post and discuss about anything relating to any other kind of cryptids or mysterious creatures here too. Examples being, but not limited to wendigos, skinwalkers, vampires, werewolves/dogmen or anything of the sort, bigfoot/sasquatch, yetis/abominable snowmen, chupacabra, Ozark Howler, Mothman, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Again, it's not limited to only these things, it was just to get an example of what to post. Feel free to post about anything you think is relevant.

Feel free to discuss whatever type of cryptid or mysterious creature comes to mind, commonly known ones or obscure ones, and what regions they hail from.

Feel free to share personal stories, to other people's stories. From people you know, or people you don't know. And even stories you've read about in books, forums, imageboards, or elsewhere on the internet, or seen from YouTube, movies, and TV. Any story you've heard, as long as you think the story could be true or find it interesting enough, feel free to share it.

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