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Mass Divergence Event

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My name is KB and I used to work for a research facility I will not further disclose. During my time there we contacted a dimensional traveler, or rather, he had contacted us.

Over a decade ago one of our experiment had caused a puncture in the dimensional membrane, causing multiple dimensions to force equilibrium. The experience had changed me profoundly and when I left the facility, I was able to make sure I took copies of the transcripts with me. It had come to my understanding that the public should know about this, as it would affect them greatly in the years to come.

At first I stood idly by, while I watched the predictions JB made come true time and time again. That's why I decide in 2019 to release part of the transcript to the public. Fearing detection of my person, scrutiny and ridicule, I decided to replace the word CORONA with CORONAL MASS EJECTION, and obfuscated the names of those involved.

I posted part of the transcript on pastebin, fearing the worst. To my surprise no one cared. I didn't know what else to do at that point mind you; at that time nobody had even heard of the virus, as it was still due for February the next year and I decided to leave it at that. Looking back, I think changing the name of the virus might have been a bad choice on my part.

Over the last few months I have tried to give the pastebin some more attention. The predictions in the document about political turmoil leadingup to Corona seem vague at best, and in lieu of protecting my identity I fear I have failed to bring understanding of the problem to the masses.

The dimensional rift is real, it is more dangerous than the virus, and it will get us all if we don't find a way to fix it before 2025. I know this is very hard to believe for some of you, and I'm not here to convince you, do with the information as you see fit.

Yours truly,