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Meditation Music makes people gay and have bpd

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Todays Meditation music that you find on youtube are brainwashing people into becoming trans, gay and have bpd.
i came to this realisation when i was tripping on acid a few months ago.
i was peaking and put on meditation music so i could gain control and feel better. i start to meditate to a random meditation channel called lovesmotive. 10 mins into it i felt a rush of energy entering my body and muscles as if i have just worked out and then i started seeing weird deformed things in my head. like a mouth with two tongues or fat bitches everywhere with colored hair. its like it was teaching my brain to accept freaks. i freaked out and then found some chinese niggas meditation music and meditated and it felt so much better and peaceful. no faggot colorful imagery or any freaks appeard. i started seeing beautiful shapes.
my guess is its either the elite behind the gay music or gays who know how to use frequency to make niggas gay and bitches with bpd.

stay away from it before you start wearing skirts.