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Thoughts on the "Hypnagogic Archive"?

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Just finished watching Wendigoon's video on it and I have to say, I'm enthralled so far. It's definitely on my favorite list of ARGs, up with hiimmarymary and POSTcontent.

The basic premise of the game is that there's this archive located in Hygiene, Colorado, similar to the Internet Archive or Prelinger Archives. But this one collectes terrifying VHS tapes and other artifacts. There's an entire metanarrative about the staff who work at the archive, and each entry is like a self-contained Twilight Zone episode. It's honestly hard to describe how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Are there any fellow fans of it here? I want to talk about it because Goddamn if it doesn't take the cake. It really does feel like a real collection of videos and text files, and I'm freaked out