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Sorry for the long post. Probably not supernatural, but deeply unsettling

>be me in middle school
>family moves in next door
>single dad and son close to my age
>actual waterhead
>like, huge, swollen hydrocephalus head
>shit hurts to look at
>also clearly mentally disabled
>dad is the most basedish man possible
>100 pound chinless pube beard in jorts, sounds like Mandark from Dexter's Lab
>somehow they become family friends
>forget my key at home one day
>call mom, she says to wait at Casa Waterhead until she gets home
>hydro's dad lets me in and is really friendly, gives me iced tea
>"You don't mind if Tyler watches his medicine, do you?"
>Waterhead is sitting in the middle of the living room on the floor, making noises
>Dad puts in this shitty burned DVD for him and he gets really quiet
>toaster quality footage of some kind of local theater production or, like, one of those on-set live action kids shows
>farm background, actors in farm clothes, dancing around, prancing and singing and spinning
>they've all got huge, prop waterheads on
>like big, inflated bald caps
>they're singing this song, like "come on down, to Big Head Junction! Come on down, and grow yourself a head"
>waterhead is watching so intently
>look over
>dad is just sitting in his armchair with a tumbler of whiskey, just watching his deformed son watch this fucking creepy Big Head Junction candle cove-ass TV show
>mom finally gets home and I can leave
>worst part was, there's photos of their family in the house
>dad, mom (deceased) and Tyler the Waterhead
>his head was normal in the photographs
>never go over there again
>they move about a year later

I guess maybe his dad found some local-access TV show online for kids with waterheads and thought it might make his son feel better. As for the photos, I dunno. Photoshops, maybe? He never really seemed ashamed of his son though, so not sure if that's it