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When you reach enlightenment you will be blessed with freedom. All you have to do is burn off all your karma. The material world is constantly trying to get you to have bad karma. This is why abstaining from the material world is so important.
God is very forgiving all you have to do is say you're sorry. The best way to do this is to just fast don't eat anything and yell at the clouds for guidence and when it comes, listen.
We constantly are under psychic attack from thoughtforms. (angels and demons in christian mythology. your inner monologue in a modern sense)
Your karmic balance determines whos voices are trying to get in your head. If you can keep a positive karma state God will basically give you whatever you want (but theres a catch it cant be for selfish purposes. It has to be a purpose to serve him.)
If you maintain good karma you will basically have divine protection and evil can not hurt you.(What you do to others WILL be done to you.)
So when you reach perfect balance of 0 karma God will show himself to you and hes gonna tell you to pick a side. Good or Evil because he will support you no matter which side you pick but you need to pick a side. The simulation is very real and we're living it.)
I'm talking full blown Jedi levels of power. All the mythological powers are real. Jesus really did walk on water and anyone can learn how. The only catch is you have to have a pure heart and completely selfless.
God will reward you and permit you pleasures he knows you will like. (he created you he knows whats best for you you just need to have faith in him.) All reality boils down to is this is a video game. God made video games so we could remember.
People are born with negative karma as a challenge to rise above to see if you are worthy of power. Power can only be given. Not taken.