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Bottom of Lake Tahoe I EFFIN DID IT

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Hey guys, Chase here..... i have video of life at the bottom of Tahoe, not just sounds this time.

Quick run down, my name is chase and i am a hermit who builds ROVs and cameras that go up to 7700ft deep. I am the first person to explore the bottom of tahoe ( confirmed by historians when i was on the news KCRA 3 ) Ive been seeing things i can not explain and now i am getting enough evidence to show the world.

Last time i posted on here /x/ bros helped me discover that a creature was using echolocation at 1650 feet in tahoe ( heard in my video ).... this is odd because according to the scientists there is no fish life below 500ft in Tahoe because fresh water fish need to hunt with their eyes and the light cuts out around 400 to 500ft in Tahoe.... Well years ago i filmed shrimp down there.... the scientists didnt believe me.... i captured one and gave it to UC davis as a fuck you.... then i recorded jellyfish on video... and then my camera seen a large shark like creature at 900 to 1100 ft deep.... researchers said its a shark but because i filmed this in tahoe and i never finished my college i must be hoaxing,,.,,

Well im here to announce at 12:36am 6/23/2022 i have filmed two more new species at 1650 feet.... clear as day.

in pic related you will see a skinny white fish... this is a new species... i dont know if its making the echolocation... but it has to hunt some how... actually i havent gotten a chance to go over this footage fully... i need your help with this my fellow autists. I have found there are some really smart people on /x/ that can do a multitude of things.

Stick around with me tonight and ill be uploading the raw footage for you guys and editing a video for the masses.... then i will record myself calling the colleges tomorrow telling them how stupid they are.

i dont make a dime from this, its a labor of love. i just love exploring. also: life update: I just got a job piloting the worlds deepest diving ROVs i leave on the 26th.