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Face reading anon here, I’m back for another round

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I posted a thread here a few days ago about how I’ve studied and applied the wisdom of ancient Chinese face reading for over 15 years and I asked for people to post photos of their face or of other peoples faces so that I could challenge my physiognomy skills.

Unfortunately the thread seemed to have picked up traction quite some hours after I had posted it and I regretfully did not have the time or energy to reply to the many anons who posted.

Im going to come back to this thread in a couple of hours so that people may have time to post their pics.

Last thread lots of anons posted old photos of political figures and of criminals and I liked it because I am self admittedly retarded when it comes to history/ geography etc, and so I had no idea who any of them were lol BUT I’d prefer real life strangers because I feel more connection with people who are alive, and also because I don’t like the inherent smugness that comes with posting a super old, rare black and white photo of Stalin or some other political head

Note - please remember the photo needs to be a front facing selfie type pic, good lighting, and full visibility of the face and ears. Neutral facial expression, no smiling or making faces.

I look forward to taking the time to respond to most of you anons this time around, and I may also post face reading tips too

Bonus points (incredibly thorough reading) for anyone who knows the artist of painting in picrel