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Know any people who went crazy all of a sudden? Like a switch flipped somewhere in their brains?

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I know of a few cases, and they intrigued me all my life. Possession? Aliens? Just some long term mental shit they hid so well nobody spotted it? What do you think?

I knew a guy back in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Just your average post-Soviet nerd. Scrawny, with glasses, and love for literature and all manner of Western shit. Weren’t good friends or anything. Used the same bookshop to order books we wanted to buy. I don’t know if you even have this in English countries, but we did have this in the Baltics. You could come to a bookstore, tell the name and author of a book you wanted, pay a bit of money, wait for a billion years, and they would get you this book or at least a printout from the internet.
So anyway, we met and chatted a bunch of times, when it turned out that we were ordering very similar books. Chuck Palaniuk (Fight Club guy), Burroughs, Joyce, a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Learned that we had a few mutual friends, too. Seemed like a really nice guy, just kinda shy and awkward. Drank beer a few times after that, chatting about cool new shit like 40k and anime.