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Astrology General

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>Astrology General
Get in here insightful readers and clueless beggars.

>If you would like to know where to get started with learning astrology, the following sources from the tradition are available online for free in pdf form:
Vettius Valen's Anthology
William Lilly's Chrsitian astrology
Ptolomy's tetrabiblos
Firmacus Maternus' Mathesis
>for making charts

Asking for insight won't always draw interpretations. It's best to sell your chart in some way. Ask about a particular placement or aspect. Or if you are new and have no clue wtf you're currently viewing then try to think of a particular question you have about yourself/life. I think anons want an angle when interpreting charts.
>make sure to crop/white out your name and city of birth when uploading charts