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What's the scariest, creepiest, most disturbing or most mysterious Youtube video/channel/rabbit hole you've ever come across? I'll start.
>be me a few years ago during high school
>fucking around online, researching columbine massacre because that was my interest of the day
>watching a video on Youtube showing CCTV footage of the cafeteria during the shooting
>scroll through comment section
>I'm no stranger to edgelords saying edgy trollish shit, but one comment by a user named Lynn Ann sticks out to me
>her profile pic is of the shooters and she basically says that all the victims were ugly and looked better decomposed
>for whatever reason I'm compelled to check out her channel
>a few of her videos have a couple hundred thousand views
>she looks like a fucking ghoul, her face destroyed by what I assume plastic surgery
>her videos consist of her talking in her room in a weird accent, defending the shooters, smiling like a creep, and showing off her columbine shooter merch including blankets, mugs, and waifu body pillows (yes really)
>a few horror/obscure media related Youtube channels have talked about her
>pretty sure archives of her videos still exist