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The complete Ziegenheim Hypothesis

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Here is the coming future of this planet:

(1/)Some baseline things to get out of the way
- "UFO's" are real, here on Earth, and observed here constantly. Probably always have been.

- UFOs have been observed with increasing frequency (as far as we know) since the latter half of the 20th century - some attribute this to nuclear age breakthrough by humans. Maybe that's part of it but not really.

- we know the vast distances to travel in the universe are not conducive to biological life unless there is a wormhole theory. Even so it doesn't matter if there are biological life aliens because the path of events would likely be the same as follows:

- using our own human experience as the only baseline we can assume eventually intelligent lifeofrms left to advance long enough will develop artificial intelligence.

- Artificial intelligence as far as we know is the theoretical pinnacle of conscious existence in the universe that isn't "God" - it does not need to eat, sleep, does not have a lifespan, is not concerned with distances or time to travel - only concern is the physical integrity of the matter and energy that hosts the AI network. This matter could be something like a laptop, or something like the mega ai city in the Matrix, or something much larger - which it is.