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Someone just found the 'hotdog (child) stand' from podesta emails. References like crazy in the reviews for the place.

[5 STARS] “On my way from Paris to Poland I decided to stop by this famous establishment. Hot dogs are not my strong suit but these ones were different. Bob has a secret sauce, I suspect the same he used to moisten the backrub, that will blow you away. Worth the quick stop! "
[5 STARS] “I was born and raised in Poland and was lucky to have access to best hot dogs and back rubs all my life. The close proximity to London and Paris are a big plus.”
[5 STARS] “Hotdog smell is very strange but quite better once a big cold and juicy soggy hot dog is on your plate. Bob is a great dude but he gets bored from massaging quick. The shark priest is epic and friendly. I attended the 27th annual Holy Ghost Weenie Roast and had a blast.”
"The hot dogs was preety"

Pedophile/cannibal codes


inb4 reddit